The new version of CryptoGladiator brings new experience on web3.0 game

The new version of CryptoGladiator brings new experience on web3.0 game

Cryptogladiator is an RPG nurturing game. Players can easily fight with strategically place their roles. Users can build the strongest army according to the Gladiator’s characteristics, quality, weapons and formation settings.

After the success of first Version, CryptoGladiator has developed a new generation by researching the current Web3.0 game market and matching the requests of the majority of players. After retaining the framework of the original game, it has also revised a lot of playing methods to make it more fun and more profitable. Waiting for you to join us!

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At present, the Gladiator will release an upgraded version of cryptogladiator II, with the following major changes in the new version:

Recruitment system change:

Players will get three gladiators at the beginning instead of recruit with $CGD. There are several ways to recruit gladiators:

Cryptogladiator will release some blind boxes. Players can buy blind boxes and have a chance to get gladiators;

Players can use the recruitment volume dropped by fighting against monsters in the game, and use three gladiators to meet certain conditions to recruit new gladiators;

Extra gladiators can be sold on the market.

Add ladder Ranking mode:

First, there was a guard monster in every ladder territory. Players can occupy this territory after defeating the monster. Assign your army and hold of others attack. Then you will get corresponding benefits.

Territory Updates

1.Rewards in the territory mode are awarded according to the score ranking. The ranking depends on players territory scores. Each territory generates different points. The higher the level, the more points the territory can generate per unit time. After defeating the gatekeeper, the player can arrange the defensive forces, occupy the territory and gain the generated points to improve his ranking.

The ranking rewards are tentatively settled once every 24 hours, and the top 50 will receive corresponding rewards. After settlement, the points in the first 50 digits will be cleared directly (those not in the first 50 rank will not be cleared). Then directly enter the next ranking settlement.

2.Upgraded the territory defense mechanism. In the new version, the defender can automatically release skills, which is more conducive to the defender;

UI updates:

Updated the modeling of characters and weapons, which are taller than the previous characters more advanced weapons, and optimized the design of all background;

Skills updates:

The skills of weapons have been updated. Weapons at various stages have different skill effects. Higher level weapons have more obvious bonuses and more colorful skill scenes;

Defensive upgrades:

Upgraded the previous setting that defense cannot use skills, and this defensive cosmetic surgery can also use skills;

Add player Backpack:

Optimized some page designs and added a column of players’ backpacks. Players can more easily organize and view all their items.

The new version of cryptogladiator will bring players a new experience and let players experience the fun of Web3.0 games.The new version of CryptoGladiator will bring players a new experience to enjoy the fun of Web3.0 games. While satisfying the feelings of old players, it also greatly improves the game experience, and the playing methods are more diverse. After studying the economic model of games on the market, CryptoGladiator’s economic model also summarizes a lot of experience. Under the high-quality game quality and reasonable economic model, CryptoGladiator will steadily develop upward.

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