《GAVE Global Elite Summit》Exploring the RWA L2 Trend!

《GAVE Global Elite Summit》Exploring the RWA L2 Trend!

Bangkok, March 8, 2024 — Today, Bangkok witnessed a grand event in the digital realm! The GAVE Global Elite Summit was held here, marking the perfect conclusion to discussions on Web3, public chains, DeFi, RWA, Bitcoin Layer 2 and more. Hosted by the GAVE public chain, the event attracted industry leaders, investors, and technical experts from around the world, jointly exploring the forefront trends and future challenges of blockchain technology. This also marks an important step for the GAVE ecosystem in market promotion and expansion.


Hundreds of Web3 pioneers and participants from the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Poland, and other countries gathered to collectively discuss the opportunities and challenges of the next wave of Web3 development. During the event, industry leaders and technical experts shared their in-depth thoughts and forward-looking insights on Web3.

Elite individuals from around the world gathered to discuss the forefront trends and future challenges of blockchain technology. Mr. Tristyn Pawson, Chief Marketing Officer of GAVE, delivered a passionate address during the official speech, extending a warm welcome to the attendees and eagerly anticipating the exploration of new opportunities in the future Web3 ecosystem through this Summit. GAVE is leading the charge in building a financial new world beyond borders, endowing each individual with the power to redefine currency interactions. With the introduction of RWA and Layer2 deployment, GAVE will bring more open, efficient, and transparent financial services to global users, driving the vibrant development of blockchain technology worldwide. This is not just a financial revolution, but also an empowering journey into the future.


On the roundtable forum, Kevin Yunai, Founder and CEO of RWA.Inc, elaborated on the strong rise of real-world assets (RWA), bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, and calling for us to embrace this wave of digital transformation. Jaysen Lai, Co-founder and CEO of H3 Entertainment, fueled by infinite passion for Web3, showcased how the composability of Web3 breeds endless innovation opportunities. Bren Van Caesbroeck, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Cere Network, depicted the integration of Web3 and the real economy, revealing a new world of autonomous transactions.


The keynote speaker, Charlie Hu, Founder of BTC Layer 2 Bitlayer and former Asia-Pacific Head of Polygon ($MATIC), led us to explore the development and future of the Bitcoin ecosystem, as well as how Layer 2 solutions are leading us towards a new era.


The successful hosting of the GAVE Global Elite Summit has injected new vitality and momentum into the innovation and development of blockchain technology globally. We believe that with the joint efforts of industry elites and experts worldwide, the Web3 field will usher in a more prosperous and developed future, and the GAVE public chain will continue to play a leading role in promoting the global development of the RWA L2 track.

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