BitGod will be launched globally on January 1, 2024

BitGod will be launched globally on January 1, 2024

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, BITCOIN GOD refers to both the network protocol and the main public network that runs the protocol. BITCOIN GOD aims to be a free and open project, the protocol specification is under the Creative Commons license, and the code is under the FLOSS license. The project is developed in an open manner and accepts any useful contributions. Unlike Python Enhancement Proposals, it will be an RFC system that will allow for openly collaborative protocol changes and upgrades. Our initial implementation of the BITCOIN GOD protocol will be called the ParityBITCOIN GOD platform and will include a complete protocol implementation and API bindings. Like other Parity blockchain implementations, PPP is designed as a general-purpose blockchain technology stack that is neither unique to public networks nor private/consortium operations.

1. BITCOIN GOD was incubated and established by the Singapore Foundation Mine.

2. BITCOINGOD’s operation team consists of a team that can provide high-quality product operations, market services and R&D technology

The team is committed to promoting the prosperity and development of decentralized digital assets on the blockchain


Bit God BTZS

Issue 21 million coins and deflate to 210,000 coins

Organizations join hands with top ten communities

Jointly build DAO organizational consensus

A dark horse in the currency circle emerges⚠

1. 100% safe

1. Multi-signature co-management

2. 100% open source and decentralized

3. Lose authority when going online, be open, fair and transparent ⭕

2. Innovate rising logic and gain 100% profit

1. Back digging mechanism, rise immediately after going online

2. Rise immediately after entering the market

LP=30% of coins (coins destroyed)+70%U

3. Rise as soon as the mine is mined

Coins decrease, prices increase, spiral

4. Only sell but not buy, strong rise and weak fall

100% of the sold coins will be destroyed, 50% will be credited to the account, and 50% will be returned to the U pool.

5. Unlimited income from recommendation

6. Computing power compensation, static compensation

Computing power is increasing every day, early advancement will give you an advantage, late advancement will give you motivation

God of Bits, Gate of Wealth

One shot, one battle to become a god

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