Inscription Alliance received tens of millions of US dollars in investment: “MINT” has no limits, and BTIA is far ahead

Inscription Alliance received tens of millions of US dollars in investment: “MINT” has no limits, and BTIA is far ahead

Nowadays, the popular “Inscription” is on the forefront. As one of the important applications that are currently booming, a new revolution in digital assets is taking place on a global scale. The emergence of Inscription will provide investment enthusiasts who dare to face new things with New sources of wealth and leading the huge digital financial development trend in the future.

At this stage, as major public chains enter the market and compete to lay out the inscription market, the inscription ecology will become more enthusiastic and stronger, and the butterfly effect will occur, attracting more users and developers to participate. This also means that the inscription market is filled with unlimited mining opportunities. Golden opportunity.

In this track , an extremely dazzling platform has emerged – Inscription Alliance , which is also telling its encryption story in this wave of inscriptions .


DEFI ecosystem for inscription cross-chain transactions , providing global users with inscription casting to inscription value, cross-chain transactions , self-created inscriptions, etc. A one-stop shop with considerable potential.

Inscription Alliance is jointly launched by the international organization Apollo Foundation and inscription enthusiasts from 100 inscription communities around the world in the name of Inscription DAO . After Inscription Alliance received heavy investment from the Apollo Foundation , its current valuation has reached US$100 million.

It is reported that it is planning to expand the Asia-Pacific inscription market, investing US$30 million to establish an inscription development guarantee fund to create a safer and larger value inscription trading environment. Inscription Alliance will give Inscription Track new development trends and value derivation, and help Inscription Track realize the comprehensive application of cross-chain transactions.

The establishment of Inscription Alliance aims to make it easier, more efficient and more profitable for users to cast and trade inscriptions. At the same time, they can create their own inscription digital world and give inscriptions unlimited value.

Inscription Alliance breaks the problem of smooth and opaque transactions in the traditional market and eliminates users’ uncertainty and risk concerns; it solves the problem of slow transaction speed and improves user experience and transaction efficiency; it reduces or subsidizes part of the transaction fees and expands the inscription Transaction scale and popularity; providing effective regulatory agencies and security measures, improving users’ trust and participation in inscription transactions.

Inscription Alliance has a complete and cutting-edge platform foundation, including seamless cross-chain technology, smart contract multi-bridging, hot and cold wallet separation, insurance funds, multi-signatures and security audits, providing users with more Inscription Track-related assets. Trading opportunities support the development of innovative inscription projects and create more investment opportunities and the possibility of value growth for users .


As the platform token of Inscription Alliance , BTIA inscription is benchmarked against the number of BTC and has a relative stability ratio of 1:1 with USDT price. It is the world’s first aggregated cross-chain inscription. Its emergence can not only promote the development of the inscription market, but also Injecting new vitality into the entire inscription ecology. BTIA Inscription realizes the ability of cross-chain transactions, exchanges and applications through cross-chain protocols, providing holders with more choices and opportunities.

BTIA inscription has strong liquidity, and users can convert BTIA inscription and USDT into equivalent values at any time. BTIA inscriptions can be traded and used on different blockchain networks, which will help expand the market and reduce the cost and complexity of transactions. All information about the circulation, circulation and related transaction records of BTIA inscriptions will be accurately recorded and publicly displayed. The data will be open and transparent throughout, reducing transaction risks. In addition, BTIA has Inscription Alliance as the underlying technology platform that supports its operation, and has made important improvements and investments in security, scalability and user experience.

The fanatical market only talks about efficiency, not reason. The intensity and breadth of emotions triggered by the development of this round of inscriptions have exceeded those of previous dogecoins, shit coins, etc., and this round of development has so far produced more than one hot coin. This kind of consensus is very rare. Once this ecosystem really shows signs of application implementation, and with the support of this consensus, we will most likely see a new climax brought by BTIA in the next bull market .


The development of the Inscription Alliance inscription ecology is a dual innovation on and off the chain, which is reshaping the future trend of crypto assets . Starting in 2024, we will discuss inscriptions just like we discuss A-shares and Bitcoin. The entire encryption circle has returned to the hot state of seven years ago and has become a hot topic among investors around the world. With the vigorous development of the global digital economy, the demand for inclusive digital finance has further increased, and the settlement methods of assets will definitely undergo huge changes.

The market has been completely ignited by inscriptions, and this magical, fanatical and scrambling game of grabbing tickets for inscriptions is far from over.

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