Redefining Blockchain Value: The Rise of Tobacco Project

Redefining Blockchain Value: The Rise of Tobacco Project

On a starry night, an unexpected conversation between two rich men inspired an unprecedented innovation and gave birth to a unique blockchain project – Tobacco. This project is not just a new asset, but an experiment in the nature of blockchain.

Today, the blockchain industry is filled with excessive packaging and false prosperity, making it difficult to identify truly outstanding projects. Tobacco came into being because of this. Its core concept is to “return to the roots” and resolutely abandon unnecessary hype and packaging. This fresh and refined attitude is distinctive and eye-catching.

The most eye-catching feature of the Tobacco project is its completely decentralized operating model. The project is not controlled by any central agency but is managed jointly by community members. From project initiation to operation, all decisions are made through community consultation, fully demonstrating a spirit of democracy and autonomy.

In order to ensure the fairness and transparency of the project, Tobacco adopts a completely decentralized contract execution method. At the beginning of the project, the development team injected $1 million in pot funds, but this fund was completely managed by the community’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), reflecting the openness and fairness of the project.

Tobacco is not only a blockchain project, but also a mirror reflecting the current status and future possibilities of the blockchain world. It challenges traditional financial concepts and explores new ways of community autonomy in the field of digital currency. Through this practice, Tobacco has demonstrated a new direction of exploration, leading the industry into the future.

Let us witness the moment when Tobacco creates a new legend in the blockchain world! Such innovative spirit and forward-looking thinking will bring unprecedented enlightenment to the entire industry and help blockchain technology move towards a more brilliant tomorrow. Let us look forward to it together and applaud this future full of possibilities!

The Tobacco project aims to build a diversified blockchain ecosystem, covering multiple functions such as shopping malls, inscriptions, co-branded credit cards, games, etc., to provide users with a full range of digital services.

Tobacco 1. Tobacco airdrop

Tobacco has issued a total of 100 million tokens, all airdrops are 100% free. You can receive tokens for free by interacting with Tobacco. Each address has only one chance to receive tokens. Tobacco will never issue additional tokens without LP. Tobacco tokens will be issued when the number of token holding addresses reaches 50,000. First-tier exchanges, issuance price 1U 1 coin, Tobacco’s various subsequent ecological projects can be participated in and consumed with Tobacco’s tokens, making Tobacco’s various application ecosystems and systems bigger and stronger.

Tobacco 2. Project goals:

Create a safe and convenient digital shopping platform;

Promote the application of blockchain technology in the commercial field;

Establish a credit system and improve user experience;

Innovate gameplay and increase user participation.

Tobacco3. Ecological module:

Tobacco a. Tobacco Mall :

Provide peripheral products of various cryptocurrencies and support payment using cryptocurrencies;

Use blockchain technology to ensure the transparency of product traceability and after-sales services;

Create a membership system to provide a customized shopping experience.

Tobacco b. Inscription Service :

Provide digital signature products to ensure information security;

The inscription is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with, ensuring authenticity;

Provide users with personalized encryption services and protect private information.

Tobacco c. Co-branded credit card:

Issue co-branded credit cards with visa and Master Card, and interconnect with Tobacco project mall;

Based on blockchain decentralization technology, reduce the risk of cryptocurrency exchange for legal tender;

Recharge cryptocurrency to enable global online and offline consumption, removing consumption barriers for cryptocurrency holders

Tobacco d. Game Ecology :

Design diversified games and introduce blockchain technology to ensure game fairness;

Provide a digital asset trading platform where players can earn profits inside and outside the game;

Promote user interaction, build a community ecology, and enhance user stickiness and participation.

Tobacco4. Business model:

The mall adopts B2C self-sales model and C2C model joint operation

Inscription service: adopts pay-per-view or subscription system;

Co-branded credit card: charge recharge fee, annual card fee and transaction fee;

Game ecology: sales of game props, advertising revenue, platform transaction fees.

Tobacco 5. Marketing strategy:

Use social media, blockchain summits and other channels to promote projects;

Cooperate with relevant industries to promote and expand the user base;

Provide reward mechanisms to attract users to participate and build community reputation.

Tobacco 6. Risk Management:

Strengthen security protection to prevent hacker attacks;

Comply with relevant laws and regulations and establish a compliance system;

Be sensitive to new technologies and market changes and take appropriate measures accordingly.

Tobacco7. Development plan:

The first stage: launch the mall and inscription services, and establish a user base;

The second stage: introduce co-branded credit cards and expand financial services;

The third stage: develop game ecology and improve user interactive experience.

Tobacco8. Strategic partners:

Blockchain technology provider;

Financial Institutions;

Game development team.

Tobacco9. Conclusion:

The Tobacco project is committed to creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem, combining blockchain technology and diversified services to provide users with a safer, more convenient and interesting digital experience. Let us join hands to build a prosperous digital economic era! 

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